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Einsatzgebiet: Road & MTB

Flex Level: Medium - Flex limited to seating area; underside structural braces tuned for pedaling efficiency.

Material: DualTech Carbonite - A proprietary, dual-density impact resistant composite material.
Flexile web cover conforms to you when seated and remains active to continually absorb shock. An open frame with underside structural braces (shown in orange on the left) controls the rate of compression to offer seated support and limit excessive sag. The two halves are seamlessly fused together to create a saddle that’s flexible and supportive.
Rails: Full carbon fiber
Gewicht: 120g (ohne Anti-Slip Pads)
Größe: L 292mm x B 135mm
Farbe: Schwarz
Anti-Slip Pad: Silicone pads (included with the saddle) add extra cushioning and also helps keeping you seated on the saddle's sweet spots
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